How to negotiate the price of rent for an apartment

The difficult economic situation and declining mortgage concessions leave many families with no choice but to live rent. And rental prices on apartments in Atlanta are getting the more expensive day, sometimes with incomes too high. But you can always negotiate with the homeowner a rebate. This capability benefits the tenant, saving money, time to look for another house and inconvenience of moving. But also, the owner obtains advantages because, even if you lose revenue, keeps those who have not given problems, the house is not empty and should not seek new tenants. To negotiate successfully, you must know in depth the contract and the characteristics of the area, interests, and needs of the home, as well as having prepared an alternative.

Find out what are the prices of apartments and average income in the neighborhood which you want to rent. Talk to other people in the building where the apartment is, to find out how much they pay per month. Also, you can ask other buildings. Check the classifieds and see how much they are paying for apartments in Atlanta.

Find out how long the department has been on the market. If you haven’t rented after a couple of months of availability, the owner is probably worried for lose money and be more willing to negotiate the price of rent.  If you are someone who tends to falter when it comes to generating awkward situations or ask for favors, you probably have difficulty negotiating, so you have to prepare mentally to do it, remember that you deserve it!

Prove you are a great tenant. Bring references and reports when you meet the owner. Encourage him to conduct a background check, a credit check and a check of your job.

It offers a longer sign in exchange for a lower income contract. The owners lose money every time a tenant moves and enter a new one. If you offer to sign a contract for three years, maybe the owner enough to feel more comfortable and to offer the rental price you want.

Choose the right time the talk to him or her. Your negotiations will be successful during times when tenants are scarce. Probably you won’t have success with your negotiations to rent an apartment near to a college during August. Do not wait until the contract expires with the current income to start trading. You must give at least a couple of months to negotiate.

Remember that you have more options to find some apartments in Atlanta and don’t be afraid to mention that when you talk with your tenant. If the owner knows you are considering other places, you may have an extra item in your favor. If the reduction is not achieved, you can ask him or her to pay part of the electricity bill, water or replace old appliances. You can also ask for television or a new mattress, or request to be allowed to use the cellar if you know that you have one.