How to make a small apartment look bigger

In large cities, the houses are getting smaller and smaller, so you have to adapt to the halls and rooms of a few square meters. However, there are tricks to make them look larger.

The use of mirrors is a classic that never fails, and then they fail to reflect broader immediately. A very practical idea is to coat a wall with mirrors from floor to ceiling. You can also choose to embed the mirrors are vertical and are framed in wood or placed in a corner stand any kind. If it comes to the sleeping room and space is minimal, try covering one door or doors of the closet.

Don´t block the entrance to the sun. Clarity makes everything look airier. Apartments in Atlanta are perfect to have panoramic glass windows, much better if it’s floor to ceiling so that the light entering the place evenly. To protect your furniture’s harsh ultraviolet rays, appeal to the glass with a soft smoky tone or light or semi sheer curtains. They are also functional blinds that filter the light and partially preserve the intimacy of the place. If access to natural light is limited, add bulbs in different parts of the site and play with the intensity of them using regulators or dimmers to create depth effect through light and shadow.

Paint your walls. Even though they are fashionable, under no circumstances resort to dark tones to dress your walls or wallpaper with complex motives because there is evidence that is shrinking space. White or beige is the classic colors to see everything bigger, but not everyone likes to decorate your home with excessive simplicity. If you are one of these, consider adding green water and light blue in one of the walls or column, as contrasting detail.

Don’t decorate a home that has to ask for forgiveness or permission to sweep away the furniture. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a few and is positioned to don’t block the passage. If it comes to the room, try to be multifunctional and comfortable furniture like a sofa bed, a dining table with the top of the transparent glass that allows reflecting light and a showcase or shelf that saves multiple objects at the same time serve to place the TV or stereo. In the case of the room, a bed for storing things in his lower he’ll be fine. Avoid excesses decorative accessories. Remember that in small spaces, more is less.

Say no to complex patterns. One of the most common mistakes, when to decorating apartments in Atlanta, decorates the beds and sofas small rooms with sheets, duvets, and pillows filled with frets reasons, diamonds, stripes or complicated or multiple drawings, which shrinks the place for the visual effect of blunting.

Also, disorder is synonymous with neglect anywhere but in a small space is fatal because it generates a feeling of suffocation. Make sure that your belongings are in their proper place so that there is no visually causing any much-something-or claustrophobic obstacle.